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There is something you deserve to understand. All governments are imposing a silent form of taxation on all your hard earned money without ever needing to pass any formal tax legislation. That phenomena is call “inflation”. In Malaysia, inflation averages 3-4% annually. That means in approximately 20 years, you lose half of what you earn in real value. Think about it, if the central bank is allowed to print more money but if the number of goods within our economy remains the same, how would buying your things at the same price be justified? As a consequence, you feel that prices are increasing much more than your pay. Managing your money well in this environment is important, if you ever want to retain all those effort and sweat from your work

If you ever wondered why do you deserve to thrive in life when the rich is getting richer, why not reflect upon how you invest your time. The rich always spend time sharpening themselves, not just the people they work for. They spend time understanding the concept of money on a daily basis and made money their closest companion when the majority spends time believing that money is the root of all evil. You can never get things which you have a grudge against, it simply defies the laws of nature. If you are one of the people wanting to get out of the rat race and free time for things in life that really matters, sharpening your investing skills might be your way out for you or your family. With so many choices in this complicated market, we hope to be your guiding star, to help you make the best investment choice based on your personal risk appetite

You deserve an equal opportunity and our team believes in providing to those willing to take the challenge. We employ analysts from various professional backgrounds to provide you a diverse range of opinions on investments. Some of our focus include

1. Investment Basics, Motivation/Mindset of the successful

2. Malaysian Economics

3. Property/Real Estate, Stock Market

4. Other unique and practical investment in life that we make as individuals

In exchange for our time and effort, we greatly appreciate any readers who benefited from our work to continue giving us feedback and comments. This is so that we can further improve our quality of work and continue sharing our work with other readers

For those who are looking to earn extra income be it part time or full time, we are pleased to inform you that we are looking forward to increase our coverage in more sectors. If you think you have what it takes to work in our competitive team, we have attractive profit sharing schemes awaiting you. We are eager to recruit fresh ideas and talents which have a strong drive and passion in learning. For more information, please Contact Us

With that, we at Malaysian Investments would like to wish you good luck in your pursue of wealth. May it be a pleasant journey that enriches your life